/ by Darryl Holliday


The COPA ordinance empowers the new position of Public Safety Deputy to address community groups and inform the public on the mission, policies and ongoing operations.


Provides educational opportunities for CPAC to learn constitutional law, oversight techniques, sensitivity training, etc. Requires CPAC to update a complainant on the investigation if it does not conclude within six months. Empowers CPAC to facilitate mediation, restorative justice.


Policy recommendation(s) and departmental response(s) shall be published in a publicly accessible area of the Inspector General's website in the Inspector General's Quarterly Report. Resulting hearings will be open to public and must be publicized by the city no less than 14 days before the hearing. The hearing may include testimony from civilians, representatives of the Inspector General office, and representatives of the agency that rejected the recommendation.


Director of Community Engagement disseminates information on filing procedure, investigations, and know-your-rights training. Designates one full time employee to engage with communities in public education and feedback. Requires a process for real time community feedback to the Monitor on the investigative process and a public report on that feedback. Requires the Monitor to respond to petitions for public hearings. Chief Administrator has authority to develop mediation program. Compels the Monitor to provide support services like regular updates to complainants, counseling complainants regarding the investigative process and outcomes, and providing referrals to outside service providers whenever necessary.