/ by Darryl Holliday


Selection: Upon the effective date of the COPA Ordinance, the individual serving as the Chief Administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority (currently Sharon Fairley) shall become the first Chief Administrator of the Office. A successor selected by the Mayor and approved by the City Council will continue to serve as Chief Administrator of the Office until a permanent method of selecting the Office’s Chief Administrator is enacted by the City Council. The Chief Administrator will serve a term of four (4) years, and at the conclusion of such term may be considered for reappointment.

Pay: None Found

Selection of Investigators: None found

Restrictions: The Chief Administrator cannot be a current or former sworn employee of the Police Department, a non-sworn employee of the Police Department within the last five years, or an employee of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office within the last five years.


Selection: CPAC will be elected by Police District and will have racially and ethnically equitable and proportional representation from each district—approximately 22 members in total.

Pay: CPAC will serve 4 year terms, and be paid the same as Aldermen. CPAC must be at least 18, have lived in the police district for 1 year, and maintain residence.

Selection of Investigators: Once elected, CPAC will employ deputies, assistants and other employees as allowed by the annual appropriation ordinance. Each district CPAC will have two deputies (also residents of the district) who can receive and register all complaints, conduct investigations, review Complaint Records from the Department of Law (EEO).

Restrictions: CPAC officers may not have previously been employed by the Department or the Cook County State's Attorney and should be diverse.


Selection: The Deputy Inspector General shall be the director of the Public Functions Office and will be appointed by the Inspector General using a process via selection committee made up of 5 individuals representing civil rights, activist and organizing groups.

Pay: None Found

Selection of Investigators: None Found

Restrictions: The Deputy Inspector General shall not be a current or former employee of the Department, Police Board, and Independent Police Review Authority.


Selection: The Chief Administrator will be selected pursuant to 2-57-030. Selection committee will conduct a 90-day search. Candidates can't be former CPD or State's Attorney employees. The Chief Administrator then appoints a Director of Policy & Practice Analysis, Director of Community Engagement.

Pay: None found

Selection of Investigators: Investigators not have been employed by CPD or Cook County State's Attorney. Chief Administrator shall appoint staff sufficient to ensure that all civilian complaints are assigned a complaint support specialist. The Monitor's office must maintain at least one full-time investigator for every 100 sworn officers in CPD.

Restrictions: Investigators may not have been employed by CPD or Cook County State's Attorney and should be diverse.