Organizational Reform / by Darryl Holliday

  1. The creation of a new Inspector General for Public Safety, which would audit and monitor CPD and the entire police oversight system.
  2. The creation of a new Community Safety Oversight Board, which would allow the community to have a powerful platform and role in the police oversight process.
  3. The creation of a new Civilian Police Investigative Agency, which would replace the Independent Police Review Authority in investigating serious cases of police misconduct.
  4. The implementation of reforms to other components of the police oversight system, including BIA and the Chicago Police Board, to improve investigations and transparency within the system.
  5. The implementation of additional reforms to remove roadblocks to accountability, including reforms to improve the mediation program across the oversight entities and elimination of command channel review.
  6. Overhaul to the City’s collective bargaining agreements with policing employee entities.