Unique Officers / by Sukari Stone

White officers comprise a majority of the officers accused of misconduct (51.48%), while blacks make up a slightly larger share (24.77%) than Hispanics (20.73%). Black officers are more likely to be female (31%) than other races, reflecting the relative make up of the CPD in general. In terms of age, black officers (48.83) are older than whites (45.67), and Hispanics (43.38) are the youngest. Given the age and gender differences between officers of different races, some differences in number of accusations is to be expected.

Officers accused of misconduct have, on average, 4.51 accusations each, with Hispanics (4.64) having slightly more than whites (4.55) and blacks (4.32). However, black officers have clealry less civilian accusations (3.72) and more officer accusations (0.60) than other races. This may be related to the difference in number of sustained accusations, with blacks at 0.36 sustained accusations on average, while white and Hispanic officers have on average 0.20 and 0.23 sustained accusations, respectively.