August 16: Westinghouse College Prep Transcript / by Darryl Holliday



I'm here to talk about the good cops that service in the communities.  To rebuild the trust with the public, you need to rebuild the CAPS meeting as a community meeting rather than a police meeting.  Also the recommendation I want to make we do need election for these new IPRA boards.  We don't know if this board will be paid or not, but there should be some religious leaders on that board and those who teach criminal justice.  His dad used to be a vicelord, but he changed it around and teaches criminal justice.  We don't teach civics anymore.  Keep doing what you're doing and we'll figure this out.  In my ward we lost a police officers son.  We don't know if he was targeted and followed.  You all need to talk to Eddie Johnson and put more African Americans in the violent crimes unit.  We've got a lot of our detectives tied up.  It's unbelievable how many detectives we've lost.


Pamela Hunt

Good evening to the panel.  Certainly we are very upset and disgusted by their actions.  The issue is racism racist officers, no matter their race and committing crimes against black people all across this country.  Now I know abuse affects all areas, but I'm coming from it as a black woman. More training misdiagnoses the problem with a band aid.  Once again it's racism and racist officers.  What's training going to address the hatred of black people.  There's this narrative that training, de-escalation training, I don't see what it's going to do to hatred of a community.  We need a system of hiring that deters racist officers from joining the force and a system that identifies racist officers currently on the force.  Does working in a high crime area justify police misconduct and killing?  We need to know the rules of engagement and this speaks to the leadership of this city. Rahm Emanuel has no integrity and should resign as the mayor of Chicago.  In order to get re-elected Rahm Emanuel concealed the video of Laquan MacDonald getting shot by police officers.  If a leader of a major US city feels compelled to cover up a major crime why wouldn't the police department feel emboldened to do the same?  Good leadership establishes integrity in family and especially a police department. I am disturbed that the black community and all communities have kept Rahm in office. Rahm would never do this to his Jewish community.  Why does he do it to the black community?

Unknown Speaker

Let me tell you why so many young men and women not here and instead are on the corner.  They just don't trust the police.  They just don't trust the police.  They're worried about the police.  As soon as they see the police they run, they don't know what they are gonna do.  They say man that is the same police that has been harassing me last month.  What do we need to do aldermen is this.  Take one of these warehouses and have the police do their roll call there.  Now you have the police standing by young men with tattoos on their face.  Now they have community engagement.  Now the police don't have to look at the working man as a victim.  We need to reduce crime and have relationships with these officers.  Regardless racism is going to show.  If we can look for jobs for these young men we can reduce violence on both ends.


Gordon Waldron, Chicago Council of Lawyers

I want to speak about two topics.  One is IPRA and the other is the collective bargaining agreements.  We demand that the jurisdiction of IPRA or the agency that replaces it should review complaints involving searches and seizures, false arrests and denials of right to counsel.  These are currently investigated by the Bureau of Internal Affairs, but we believe that it is a serious conflict of interest to have police officers investigate serious allegations against other police officers.  IPRa should also have authority to start investigations through any credible source including lawsuits of police misconduct and motions in criminal cases to suppress evidence attained in violation of search and seizure requirements.  The Chicago Munical Code should be expanded to grant IPRA authority.  We believe that several provisions of the collective bargaining agreement interfere with police accountability and should not be renewed.  I only want to mention one of them tonight.  I want to mention section six.  It deals with an officer who gives a sworn statement about an incident and there is a video and audio recording of it.  Section six says an officer cannot be charged with making a false statement unless he is allowed to amend his false statement after reviewing the reporting.  This provision should not be renewed because it may discourage some police officers from telling the truth the first time.  By comparison civilians who testify to police are expected to tell the truth the first time and they are not guarantee the right to amend their statement after watching a video.  Thank you.


Frank Chapman, CAARPR

I just want to let people know there is an ordinance in the city council.  Only one person has sponsored this bill and I thank you.  Do not be fooled.  If you are fooled then you are not paying attention.  The problem in our community is that we have no power over what police do.  We have no decision making power.  We don't have a say who polices our communities.  If we had a say in this, racist police wouldn't be there.  This bill, CPAC, empowers us to decide who is policing our communities and it is our democratic right given to the American people since the revolution in this country.  Now.  What happened?  Who took it from us?  The police took it from us.  It happened during Jim Crow and since we have been in this country.  We as a people have to decide who polices our communities and how our communities to be policed.  They can't solve the problem.  We the people have to solve the problem.  The mayor started this problem.  He created a task force.  This is his creation.  This is his dog and pony show.  We got to stop this.  The only way we can stop this is if we get this law passed.  CPAC.  


Sarah Wild

Thank you community members.  I am here for you tonight.  I would like to keep in mind what Frank said.  The system failed us.  The aldermen failed us.  Those aldermen who signed on the FOP contract all these years failed us.  All of the aldermen who approved those civil lawsuits failed us without one raising a question what is happening in our city with all the black and brown people being murdered.  So it's our system is the problem and we know that.  What is the nature of this system that they are asking again to copy with another IPRA with another pretty name.  The issue is the power of the community and community having members having an elected voice.  There's no voice speaking into this microphone.  But a real voice of power.  By voting for CPAC you will get rid of all appointed positions of power.  All of them.  This bill would create a council from all police districts.  We would get rid of IPRA, Internal Affairs and the police board.  It is the most powerful entity of the so called police accountability system.  They are the only ones who have the power to fire cops and ultimately decide which cops get to work in our streets.  This power belongs to the people in these communities.  Yes, CPAC is in the council, I urge you to pressure your alderman.  For your records the number is 020165707. Let's change this system so we can stop police impunity, police torture and police murder.


Ryan Addawatz

Can I get a show of hands iif you care about the city of Chicago?  Raise your hands?  So I notice a marked difference in the way police acted in Pilsen and in East Garfield Park.  It was actually unbelievable to me.  I just thought people who lived in the West Side were crazy until I lived in East Garfield Park.  The police here really don't care, and if they do care, they're in the line of fire.  I filed numerous complaints with IPRA and it takes three to six months and numerous phone calls to get a response back.  There's no accountability in the process whatsoever.  There's no visibility, there's nothing.  So I want to cite a piece of data here.  From 2010 to 2015 the city of Chicago paid out 210 million dollars in police settlements.  I did the math here.  That's 52.5 million a year.  And I thought you know what that would do? That would create about 1500 jobs at 35000 a year.  And if you think about this, Eddie Johnson said not too long ago that there is about 1400 people the strategic subject list that are responsible for most of the violence in Chicago.  Are you seeing what I'm seeing?  Instead of giving money to families of people whom CPD has murdered, give it to those people on that list so they can become productive members of society.  Don't have police come into these neighborhoods considered high crime where they think all they can do is arrest or shoot.  At the end of the day the us vs. Them mentality has to change or nothing is going to change.  LA had this problem in the 1990s.  They fixed it.  They admit It's not perfect but they did something.  Homeboy industries is one of the largest employers for former gang members.  If you don't know that look it up.  They run a program called Weed and Seed.  They weed out the most hardcore gangmembers who are killing people and the rest of the guys they did't want to be part of the gang life that's the only opportunity they had.   Take some of that money and actually do some good and give it to the communities whose lives could be changed by this.  


Jerry Parker

I.  I'd like to have the aldermen and women to consider the famous example of accountability that happened 800 years ago between the British barons and the king.  Now we have our king, King Rahm.  You alderpeople can challenge him the sae way the British barons confronted the king.  They did not shed blood.  They persisted.  They were brave.  They were stubborn.  And finally they got him to put his seal on a lit of their demands for power.  They wanted some of his power because his power affected them.  So, the Magna Carta is this famous document.  It lead to the British Parliament, habeas corpus.  That came out of the barons work.  They drew no blood from the king.  They were persistent.  They did say there would be a council like the city council.  I see a real parallel here.  We have a King Rahm.  Five million dollars to the family of Laquan McDonald?  You have the power to change this.  Just be courageous and persistent.


Walter Grey

If this new agency doesn't have subpoena power or enforcement power, all you're doing is just going through the motions.  


Carl Brinson, NAACP-West Side

We were not invited to the party to make important decisions about what was going on.  One of the things that concerned us here is the idea of true independence.  True independence means separate and apart.   There's no way you can have a superintendent like we have.  That is not called true independence.  The police superintendent should not weigh on in cases of police misconduct.  


Bonnie Thomas

Good evening gentlemen and women.  I've been in Chicago all my life.  I am a substance abuse counselor that helps people with drug problems and mental health problems.  Also I volunteer for the board of elections.  I work with working families and communities.  The main thing I see is problems with housing and education.  I did not vote for Rahm.  I voted for Chuy Garcia.  I also believe that every black man who gets shot in the neighborhood is not a gangbanger.  I' from the West Side of Chicago.  I love Chicago.  I've lived in Austin and have people break into my car.  I go into the police station and ask them can't you see the people who are doing this?  They don't do anything.  I said forget it I am just moving out.  I have a person whose disabled right near Malcolm X College.  I have a person who is disabled and I have to take him out.  The police tell me to move out the way.  My god, why are you telling me to move out the way when I am with a senior citizen who has a disability?  This is ridiculous.  Also, where are all these guns coming from?  Black people don't own gun stores in the neighborhood.  It's sad to see people killed whether it's police or a citizen.  We have to come together and tell the aldermen about this.  If they don't we don't vote for them.


George Blakemore

The games that you play.  The reason they don't respect us in the black community is because black people don't respect each other.  You have black leadership and they supported Rahm.  You don't see police killing Chinese or white people or even Hispanics.  You're still on the plantation and we have not overcome.  We will not overcome if you continue to elect people like this.  Show me that black lives matter.  


Venus Fortner

We are talking about Rahm Emanuel, and the police.  In a way this man does make sense.  We voted for you alderman as well.  I am sick and tired of this.  I have a son.  AB honor roll.  Let me tell you his daily ritual.  Five o'clock in the morning he is on his way to football practice.  After practice he's at school.  When my mom gets home it's 7 o'clock at night.  You know what means of transportation he has?  Me and his father.  My son is literally afraid to walk the streets he grew up on.  I pay too much taxes to have my son walk the streets and be afraid of the police.  We pay ya'lls salaries.  Me and my husband and my seventeen year old son.  I'm so proud of him.  There is one thing I cannot allow my son to do and it is to be ashamed of his race.  I would not allow my son to come home and say why does this man come up down the street. The minute he walks through the neighborhood the police harass him thinking he's buying drugs.  He's just walking to the store.  It's about disrespect.  I mean true disrespect.  I am tired of paying salaries for those who don’t take their jobs seriously.  I was taught at a young age, if you don't like the heat in the kitchen, get out of the kitchen.  All of ya'll sitting up here looking at us like we're crazy.  We need to hold Anita Alvarez for all of this.


Ronda Walter, Community Renewal Society

We also have an ordinance in city council called FAIR COPS.  We're asking for a civilian oversight board.  Now I am gonna speak for me now.  I have a son as well and I have a pit in my stomach when I know police are behind him.  Just by his size they're gonna think he's an angry person, but he's not.  A person, no matter if they are a police officer or a civilian, if they commit a crime they should go to jail.  If we commit a crime we don't get to go home and sit with pay.  We don't get to do that.  We lose our family, we lose our pension, we lose our job.  We go to jail.  They shouldn't have an option to be able to retire or resign and say my bad.  We can't slip some money under the table and t's over.  It shouldn't be like that.  IPRA is a joke.  It don't work.  We have to have an agency for us.  An agency of us.  We need an agency that's not controlled by the mayor's office.  We need an agency that doesn't have anything to gain from the mayor's office.  It can't be another agency that's put up by the mayor or that is on the police force or used to be on the police force.  It shouldn't be like that.  It should be people who have invested interested in the community.


Alex Barba

We do have an ordinance in the city of Chicago that calls for a civilian police accountability council.  I thank you alderwoman for having the courage to sign on.  I know there are other aldermen sitting up there who've had the opportunity to sign on but have not.  I am here to let people know that we do need to implement an all elected civilian police accountability council.  The only way this can happen is if we come together and let our aldermen know that this needs to be put in place. We do have a movement of people who have signed on for this, over 45000.  I just wanted to remind people.  Anita Alvarez is out of office because of this police debacle that's been going on in the city.  Let's remind the aldermen that they're chairs are coming soon and we have the power to get them out.  If you ever want to see a process from beginning to end, there was this young lady named Rekia Boyd, who was murdered right down the street.  If you want to see a process from beginning to end fail look at the Cook County State's Attorney's office participated by tanking the case.  I've never heard of someone being undercharged.  Officer Dante Servin as let loose.  I've never heard of something as ridiculous as that.  I just want to remind the aldermen that Anita Alvarez has already lost her seat.  If you're not careful you will also lose your seat if you don't come through with what people are asking for.


Joselyn Foy

My son is here and he's sitting in the back.  I want him here because I want him to be safe too.  I fear that he is not white enough to walk around Chicago makes me feel uncomfortable because I live in Hyde Park, where my white counterparts are taking over Woodlawn.  It's very important that you listen and take notes.  I'm concerned about the accountability and transparency of this board.  I'm concerned that anyone on this panel that supports Blue Lives Matter that you recuse yourself from this process because you are biased.  How will the process of investigations take place?  Who will create the by laws to inform the order of operations?  Who is credentialed to make decisions over those who are credentialed to make decisions over this organization?  How will this be funded?  Will it be something we pay for?  We already spend a lot of money on police brutality.  Maybe we can fund community engagement initiatives that can rebuild relationships between the community and the police department.  Also we know transparency has been difficult for you guys but we hope that you can put your feelings and go aside so we can come to some sort of meeting of the minds.  If you tear up these relationships you've bought them.  You've torn up these relationships and we don't want to pay for them anymore.  


Keith Kelly, Garfield Park Community Council

I' a lifelong resident of this community.  I am from a long line of family members who've dedicated their lives to this community.  I am here to speak about quality of  life.  It speaks to the police's credibility but also to your credibility as leaders.  There are a lot of quality of life issues that go unenforced.  I don't know why we don't legalize marijuana.  You can walk down any main street and smell it.  You have broken glass everywhere.  We follow the letter of the law and lose the spirit of the law.  There's a disconnect with reality.  A lot of people don't trust the police because they sit around from the corner where crimes are committed every day.  I see what's going on.  The drug dealers are smart enough to move.  They sell right under the blue lights.  A friend told me they're idiots.  I asked who the police of the drug dealers.  He said both.   Also you need to address the parties going on on 200 Hamlin.  Residents are concerned and your office has not addressed this.  


Remel Terry, NAACP-West Side

What is your current plan as it relates to the current FOP contract?  Because as you know this contract is up in 2017.  Really the contract is what is stopping IPRA.  The reality is Rule 14 states that if an officer lies they should lose their job.  However corporate counsel and whoever else is responsible, but for many years, we have Rule 14 that states they must have all the evidence against them before they provide a testimony.  That's in the contract and we really need to understand that this contract is hindering any true progress.  these type of things should not exist.  This union contract should not uphold criminal behavior.  If someone is lying about what occurred they should be held accountable.  We also have to talk about the records.  These are signed into their contract.  That's why the city appears to be in collusion because they approve this bad behavior.  When we say police are above the law the reality is is that they are according to their contract.  They have their own bill of rights.  Why do you need your own bill of rights?


Alderman Chris Taliaferro  

Are there any other individuals who'd like to speak?  If not the time is now 7:59, we serve a motion to adjourn this hearing.  Before we do that, Alderman Mitts.

Alderman Emma Mitts:  I wanted to thank you for coming up here and sharing your thoughts. Even though after the meeting is over if you want to discuss these matters please contact us.  We need to hear from you as we go forward in the next phase of the police accountability process. This is not over. We must continue to speak up. Thank all of you for being here.