/ by Darryl Holliday


The COPA ordinance calls for the creation of a new position—the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety—who will review and audit the police department and the Chicago police board from within the Inspector General's Office. the Deputy Inspector General will produce an annual report that summarizes reviews and audits from the previous year.


Empowers CPAC to facilitate mediation, restorative justice, station adjustments, awards, IA awards, random monitoring of vehicle surveillance recording, CPAC attendance.


The Inspector General will have expanded powers pertaining to the auditing and investigation of the Chicago Police Department, IPRA, and the Chicago Police Board.  


Expands the Monitor's investigative jurisdiction to other forms of abuse, including sexual misconduct, false arrest and illegal searches and seizures, and denial of access to an attorney or phone. Empowers the Monitor to conduct investigations concurrently with any criminal investigation. Empowers the Monitor to enact information sharing agreements.